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Some truths about the Church and HIV/Aids

Unless you’ve been under a rock for the past couple of weeks, you would have heard something about Pope Benedict and condoms. Without going over the whole discussion again, I’ll direct you to a couple of links that I think well summarise what this story was all about. John L. Allen, the highly regarded Church columnist¬†from the not highly regarded (by me anyway) National Catholic Reporter And Jimmy Akin, blogger for the National Catholic Register The two NCRs in a … Continue reading

Call me George

I’m curious. Very curious. One of the great blessings of my time at NZ Catholic was the chance to interact and forge friendships with some of our Christian brothers and sisters whose faith headquarters isn’t in Rome. In fact, for some of them, there is no headquarters. But that’s a post for another day. A little background: About two years ago, I was invited to attend a small gathering of people, some involved in the corporate world, some working in … Continue reading

And with your spirit…

The reason I chose today to launch The Catholic Soapbox is because it’s the First Sunday of Advent. So, dear friends, HAPPY NEW YEAR!! And this particular year is unlike any other in my lifetime in terms of Catholic liturgy. Today marks the introduction of the new translation of the Mass — the people’s part of the Mass, at least. So that means we’ll be wishing peace to the priest’s spirit, not just his person, when he proclaims “Peace be … Continue reading

Friends, Roman Catholics, Countrymen…

Well, I’m pretty sure I’ve stolen that title from someone else, maybe on our sister blog, Being Frank, but it’s a good line and I’m not above a little plagiarism. Welcome to The Catholic Soapbox, the latest addition to the Icon Media online stable, joining the aforementioned Being Frank blog and The 15th Station podcast network. This blog will look at some of the big Catholic stories in New Zealand and overseas, and also offer some Catholic perspective on stories … Continue reading