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What’s the best use of $100 million?

The question posed in this headline is one that could probably be answered more easily without providing context. We could all think of a good use of $100 million, whether it be supporting a charity or building a homeless shelter or sending aid to the Horn of Africa or setting up scholarships for underprivileged children to attend secondary school or university. All worthy causes, I think we’d agree. But what if the choice was to spend $100 million to rebuild … Continue reading

More View from Down Here

If you listened to the first episode of a new podcast I’m on last week, The View from Down Here, you would have heard us yapping about the US Republican presidential primary. Well, it appears a couple of our fans — well, listeners, at least — were a bit grumpy with our only cursory nod in the direction of Texas Congressman Ron Paul, who has something of a cult following among some, mostly younger, voters. I said last week, believe … Continue reading

Episcopal dominoes starting to fall

In Australia in recent months, there has been a great deal of anticipation around the appointment of new bishops to a number of dioceses, including three archdioceses — Perth, Hobart and Brisbane. Well, the first dominoes have started to topple, with the recent episcopal ordination of a new bishop in Armidale, the announcement of a new bishop for Sandhurst and last week’s announcement that Bishop Tim Costelloe, a Salesian, will take over in Perth from the retiring Archbishop Barry Hickey. … Continue reading

SQPN crystal-ball gazing

I had the good fortune last week to appear on Catholic Weekend, one of the flagship shows in the SQPN stable of great Catholic podcasts. My good friend and fellow podcaster James Bergin was on the show with me as we spruiked our own podcasts. Unfortunately, the time difference means we’ll only rarely be able to appear on the show with Captain Jeff, Father Roderick et alia, but I was listening to this week’s episode today and really enjoyed the … Continue reading

A loss for the good guys

Last night, I posted about a rare victory for Christians in the legislative and judicial realm in our efforts to allow Christian schools to teach what Christianity believes about some important issues. I’m sorry to report tonight on a terrible story on the fate of a brother in Christ who is apparently likely to be killed because he is unwilling to renounce Christianity and convert to Islam. The Christian Post has the story: Iranian Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani, 34, has been … Continue reading

A win for the good guys

We so often hear stories these days of rulings — either legislative or judicial — that are effectively limiting the influence of religion in the public domain. I was reading a story the other day about a girl in the US who had succeeded in having her high school remove a banner that included the words “our Heavenly Father” and “Amen”. The friendly local atheistic society was so proud of the young lady, they’ve pulled together $40,000 to give to … Continue reading

A future vocations director?

I think being a diocesan vocations director could well be one of the hardest jobs for many priests around the western world at the moment. Because of the overall decline in people’s willingness to commit to anything — a cell phone company, a long-term lease, let alone a spouse or a religious vocation — there must be times when good men who are trying to encourage other men to consider the priesthood get discouraged. In some dioceses around the world … Continue reading

If you need more Gavin in your life…

This morning, my latest little Catholic internet project went live as the first episode of The View from Down Here was released. The show features your truly and the brothers Malone having a chinwag about some of the big news stories from the United States that touch on Catholicism, politics or — better still — both. In the first episode, we talked about the controversy over President Obama’s contraceptive mandate as part of health care reform. We also had the … Continue reading

Monday is Fun-day

For tonight’s post, I want to offer a bit of Catholic humour. We can often take ourselves far too seriously, and a lot of non-Catholics argue that we can’t laugh at ourselves, but here are two examples of Catholic witticism for your amusement. You’re welcome

Hello, world

Back in 1996, a young guy by the name of Eldrick Woods announced that he was going to become a professional golfer. You probably know him better as Tiger Woods, the name that he officially took on a couple of years later, and when he made the announcement, the commercials introducing him to the world had the catchphrase “Hello, World”. It was a pretty loud “hello”, given that Nike was one of the brands that was behind the media event. … Continue reading