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Better late than never (I guess)

I am not one who shies away from criticising the Church when criticism is warranted. And in recent years, there have been plenty of things to criticise, not least the way the Church has handled some of the media issues it has faced in that time. It seems that people in the Vatican’s halls of power recognise that, too, and they’ve decided to do something about it. It was announced over the weekend that experienced journalist Greg Burke would be … Continue reading

Words that don’t belong together: Bishop, bikini

There are some words that, when presented together, rightly make you nervous. There might be a number of reasons for the incompatibility of the words, but they just grate when you hear them presented together. And so it was this morning when I saw the words “bishop” and “bikini” in a headline on a news website. In fact, the word was “bikini-clad”, and the Vatican was mentioned elsewhere in the headline, so it left no real confusion over whether it … Continue reading

Come as you are

No, today’s post isn’t about the Nirvana song. Nor is it about the hymn we’ve probably all sung at Mass once or 100 times. Well, it’s kind of about the hymn, but not exactly. I was having a look at Being Frank¬†tonight; it’s the first blog I was ever involved with as a facilitator and moderator. It’s been going almost six years now, which is hard to believe. One of the authors directed people to a YouTube clip that I … Continue reading

Atheist sees the light :)

Surely hundreds or thousands of people change their religious affiliation every day. It’s not every day, though, that someone’s decision to convert to Catholicism becomes national — even international — news. Well, that’s what has happened for an American woman named¬†Leah Libresco. Leah’s story has captured so much attention because she has been a prominent atheist blogger and after much consideration, she has decided to become a Catholic. Now, the story not surprisingly generated a bit of buzz around the … Continue reading

Not the headline the Anglicans were after

If you’re the member of a church with a 500-year history and a church that was historically the leading religious group in Australia, this isn’t the headline you want to see: “Godless overtake Anglicans”. I mean, for a proud Anglican, losing the numerical “battle” with Catholic a few years back would have been a hard pill to swallow. But now those who have no religious outnumber Anglicans in Australia, according to figures released during the week. Here are the latest … Continue reading

Being uber counter-cultural

We live in a society that is filled with people, mostly under 40, who are afraid of committing to things. As a single 35-year-old, I recognise that some might say I am one of those people, though I wouldn’t necessarily agree with that. People are marrying at older ages, on average, and starting families later and later, and there has been a dramatic decline in the number of priestly and religious vocations in recent decades. That last point is specific … Continue reading

Intelligent debate — a rare commodity

I recognise that I might be starting to appear like I have a fascination with same-sex marriage, which plays into the stereotype of some Catholics around the world, but it is fast becoming (if it wasn’t already) one of the biggest social issues being debated in the public square. Unfortunately, much of the debate that is being had is very heated and without much light. Some people on both sides of the debate, but especially those in favour of same-sax … Continue reading

Lapsed Anglican unimpressed with watered-down faith

It’s quite remarkable how deep some people’s religious and cultural roots run, even if they have lost contact with their religion or culture. I’ve written before about cultural Catholicism in particular, including the fact that my parents — and brothers to a lesser extent — would not hesitate to say they are Catholic, despite the fact they would struggle to find the local parish. In New Zealand, 80 per cent or more of census Catholics don’t attend Mass regularly, but … Continue reading

Back to the OTHER archbishop of Sydney

Yesterday I blogged about the courageous article Anglican Archbishop Peter Jensen had published in the Sydney Morning Herald on same-sex marriage. I’ll look forward to reading the letters to the editor in tomorrow’s newspaper to see what sort of names he gets called. Well, in the same newspaper, in one of the weekend pullouts, there was a very lengthy profile of Cardinal George Pell, the Catholic Archbishop of Sydney. Now, I am somewhat nervous when I hear of such profiles … Continue reading

The courageous archbishop of Sydney

So, you’re reading that headline and wondering what Cardinal George Pell has done now that is praiseworthy. Well, the headline was written to make you think that, when the actual post is not about him. It’s an old journalistic trick Today I want to draw to people’s attention the courageous article that appeared in the Sydney Morning Herald this morning from the other archbishop of Sydney, Archbishop Peter Jensen. The Anglican archbishop. Archbishop Jensen has decided to take on what … Continue reading