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Why Paul Ryan was the wrong choice

We’ve just watched Mitt Romney accept the Republican nomination for president and Paul Ryan last night gave a speech that most objective pundits think was pretty darn impressive and showed him to be a great VP choice. So it probably seems like a strange time for me to be writing a post titled “Why Paul Ryan was the wrong choice”. But if you read my blog last night Why Paul Ryan was the right choice, I forecast that I would … Continue reading

Why Paul Ryan was the right choice

It’s taken a while for me to get around to this important post, partly because I’ve been a bit busy to devote enough time to it and partly because I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about Gov. Mitt Romney’s vice presidential candidate. Spoiler alert: I’ll be posting tomorrow about why Paul Ryan was the wrong choice, so thinking about the pros and cons of the congressman from Wisconsin has occupied even more time. So here goes: Paul Ryan was … Continue reading

Cardinal Dolan a bipartisan pray-er

Many progressive Catholics were apoplectic a few days ago when it was announced that New York Cardinal Timothy Dolan was going to offer prayers at the end of the Republican National Convention. It was further evidence that Cardinal Dolan and other US bishops were increasingly becoming the closest ally of the GOP, they argued. Actually, many were saying that Cardinal Dolan was really just confirming what they believed all along — that he is partisan and someone who can’t be … Continue reading

Will priests be forced to marry same-sex couples?

Tomorrow, the first reading of the bill to legalise same-sex marriage in New Zealand will be held. It’s likely to pass, but that simply means that it will be sent to a select committee and then thousands and thousands of people will make submissions for that committee to consider before reporting back to Parliament, after which it will be sent to a second and, if successful, a third vote, all of which must be supported by a majority of the … Continue reading

Hey! Misogyny is our thing!!

When you’re reading a mainstream news source and you see talk about the Church being misogynistic and not giving women their rightful place, I think the natural reaction is something along the lines of “Here we go again”. There was something a little different about the story I read in the Sydney Morning Herald today, though. It wasn’t about the Catholic Church. In the story “No place for spirited women”, a journalist who is a member of the Anglican Communion … Continue reading

Sunday is Fun Day

Readers of The Soapbox know I don’t do this often. And you may or may not know that I hate to do it. But I’m travelling at the moment and trying to do all of the fun things that go with hosting a conference and having to generate countless media releases as well as other “normal” media tasks for my job. Therefore, I’m just going to share with you a website that has quite a few humorous things on it. … Continue reading

Tolerance strikes again

It’s not that long ago that I was lamenting the fact that people who are so quick to preach tolerance are the first to show a complete lack of tolerance for anyone who holds an opposing view to theirs. Examples can be seen all over the place, and the same-sex marriage discussion and especially the Chick Fil A situation are just the latest manifestation. Adam Smith recently decided to try to humiliate a Chick Fil A employee by filming himself driving … Continue reading

Time flies when you’re having fun

It’s hard to believe that it was five years ago that four of us huddled around a laptop and a tinny microphone and recorded the first episode of The 15th Station, New Zealand’s first Catholic podcast ©. It’s even more difficult to believe that we’ve had almost 70,000 downloads of the various shows we have produced over the five-year period in little ol’ New Zealand. I have previously written of my deep gratitude for my Internet guru, James Bergin*, who … Continue reading

Don’t hide your light under a bushel

I feel like I’ve been writing and speaking a lot about the issue of same-sex marriage in recent weeks, both here and on places like Facebook, as well as on podcasts on which I appear.In fact, I think my “bigoted” and “homophobic” views on the issue may have seen me defriended on Facebook. Well, the New Zealand bishops are now on the case as well, sending a letter to the young Catholics of the country making the case for traditional … Continue reading

Paul Ryan’s Catholic credentials

Last night was an exciting night for a political junkie like me, with Mitt Romney announcing his vice-presidential running mate for the November 6 election. It is an exciting time regardless of which party is making the announcement and regardless of who the nominee happens to be. In this case, it was Catholic father of three and Wisconsin congressman Paul Ryan who was tapped by Romney to join him on what’s being dubbed America’s Comeback Team. Renowned as a real … Continue reading