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My crystal ball was working that day

Several weeks back, I blogged about the National Catholic Reporter — an independent publication in my former diocese of Kansas City-St Joseph — and its editorial clearly calling for the ordination of women. They had danced around the topic previously, using columnists affiliated with the WomenPriests movement to push the barrow, but they’d refrained from being so overt about the newspaper’s official stance until they ran the editorial under the headline: “Ordination of women would correct an injustice“. So, where … Continue reading

Don’t be a twit. Evangelise online

Now that he’s been on Twitter for a few weeks, Pope Benedict seems to think he knows EVERYTHING about social media and online networking!! OK, just joking, but the power of online mediums to be tools for evangelisation was the main theme of his message for World Communications Day last week. As the Pope pointed out — not for the first time, I must say — the Internet can and should be used as a place for intelligent and respectful … Continue reading

Not what we were expecting

Paul Holmes, who recently became Sir Paul Holmes, is arguably the best known media personality in New Zealand’s television history. He’s someone who has always had an edge about him that has meant he possibly hasn’t been the most loved New Zealand media personality, but he’s always been my favourite interviewer, which for many years bookended my day, from his breakfast radio program to the 7pm news and current affairs show that bore his name. Sir Paul is now dying, … Continue reading

Resume normal programming

I have just returned from a great few days in Melbourne for the Australian Open tennis and had an amazing time. That really has nothing to do with anything to do with the Catholic Soapbox — though Novak Djokovic does the Sign of the Cross after his matches — but it’s something of an attempt to justify another extended break in my blogging. I now have a long stretch of time when I’ll be livin’ it up in Canberra, so … Continue reading

Enough reading. Time for some listening

For two reasons — firstly because I’ve had a massive day and secondly because I hope you’ll find it interesting — I’m going to forgo my usual writing spot this evening and direct you to the brand spankin’ new podcast from The 15th Station. Click here to listen to the show, which this month looks at the process under way for Pope John Paul II’s canonisation, the passage of a reproductive health bill in the Philippines in the face of … Continue reading

Truth — stranger than fiction

Sometimes I read real headlines from reputable news sources and I wonder if they’ve somehow fallen prey to some elaborate hoax or picked up a story from spoof news website  The Onion. Usually I discover that the headlines are true, proving once again the adage that truth is stranger than fiction. I had one of those moments yesterday when I came across this headline: White House petitioned to label Catholic Church a ‘hate group’. Before long, I had found the petition … Continue reading

Movie review time: Les Miserables

To start, in the interests of full disclosure, Les Miserables is my favourite musical and I bring that bias to the following review. I think I may have written somewhere previously about how when I first fell in love with Les Mis, it was without much appreciation of the deeply religious sentiments that permeate throughout the narrative. That probably says more about my religious perspective when I first saw Les Mis 12 or so years ago than anything else. The … Continue reading

More on the Pope’s Twitter account

Lost in the pre-Christmas shuffle — by me and others who have shared this link in the last couple of days — was a Catholic News Service story from the Vatican doing a little analysis and explanation of the Pope’s foray into the Twittersphere. As I’ve already discussed on this blog and on a recent Google+ Hangout, the decision to start a papal Twitter account was an exciting move, but also one that was fraught with danger. CNS spoke to … Continue reading

Major blow for US Catholicism

Warning: Blog post may not be quite what you’re expecting…. On Monday evening in the US, in a country in which the Church is often deeply divided, there was the chance for liberal and conservative Catholics, charismatics and traditionalists, to come together for a common cause. But as they rallied around the altar that is the television, the hopes and aspirations for Catholic unity were dashed. Many people outside the US will be wondering what the heck I’m on about. … Continue reading

An Epiphany — time to start blogging again

I think I have set a new record for longest blogging hiatus, but enough of that. Time to get back in the saddle and share my musings with both of my readers. Thanks, Mum and Dad Yesterday was a pretty great feast in the life of the Universal Church — the Epiphany — and it was also a great day for me as I got to see friends have their baby baptised and welcomed officially into the Catholic family. Tradition … Continue reading