An exciting day for us

Over the past four-and-a-half years, I’ve been lucky enough to be involved with some very talented and dedicated individuals in the establishment and expansion of a podcast network: The 15th Station. Started initially as one monthly podcast, there have been five different shows come and go over that time and there have been more than 58,000 downloads over that period.

Over that time, Father Roderick Vonhogen — about whom I’ve written many times — has been a source of great inspiration for us. He’s had single episodes of his podcasts that have been downloaded that many times. We were lucky to establish contact with Father Roderick in our early days and he has been a great friend of the show over the years. In 2009, we were thrilled to meet him in person when he came to New Zealand (and Australia) and solidify our friendship.

Today, that friendship has been strengthened further with The 15th Station, the podcast on which I’ve appeared for 52 of 53 episodes, becoming an affiliate of SQPN, the leading Catholic podcasting network in the world. Father Roderick is CEO of SQPN and welcomed us into the fold to join some great Catholic folks from around the world, mostly in the US, who are doing similar things to us at Station 15.

It’s been a hard road at times, and sometimes we’d sit in a recording studio and wonder if anyone would bother listening. But people have, and we look forward to hopefully reaching a larger audience, resurrecting some of the old shows and even starting some new ones in the months ahead.

Here’s the official announcement of the new relationship, with a quote or two from one of my co-directors, the incomparable James Bergin.

Onwards and upwards. And fear not, The Soapbox will be as soapy as ever :)

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One Response to An exciting day for us

  1. I don’t know about incomparable – just overly reliant on your skills to make things happen! :)