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Wash your mouth out — truly

I have a category — rarely used — on the Soapbox called “Wash out your mouth”. It was designed to be used when someone says something filthy or slanderous or wrong or just plain stupid. If I used the category properly, I think many of my posts would fit under that broad umbrella, but I usually forgot to check that box when I’m writing. Today, though, there’s a story out of the US about a school that’s hoping it won’t … Continue reading

“Wash out your mouth” returns

On rare occasions, I utilise a special section of The Soapbox called “Wash out your mouth”. It’s a section dedicated to people who say stupid stuff, either because it’s untrue or stupid — or both — or slanderous or ridiculous or blasphemous. You get the idea. I think it’s only been invoked on a couple of occasions. But it’s back. This is from the Associated Press, via New Zealand news website Stuff: A Polish court slapped a fine on a … Continue reading

Wash your mouth out, part 1

When The Catholic Soapbox started, my trusty IT adviser and I came up with some funny little twists on the whole “soap” theme. One of the features that was proposed was a category called “Wash Your Mouth Out”, in which I could place stories when people have said stupid or offensive things. I haven’t had the need to use that category heading. Until now. Readers may remember, either through my earlier post on the topic or from other sources, that … Continue reading