Don’t tell me nuns aren’t “hip”

If you were talking about many religious orders and something to do with the word “hip”, you’d probably be discussing hip replacements, such is the ageing nature of most religious orders. Not all groups of religious women are suffering the same fate.

In the past, I’ve blogged about the Nashville Dominicans (Dominican Sisters of St Cecelia) and the Sisters of Life as two orders that are attracting a lot of vocations. I’m obviously familiar with the Salesian order, but hadn’t heard much — or anything — about the Salesian Sisters. They seem to be hip in the “cool” sense of the word and they’ve demonstrated that by coming up with their own rendition of what is now the most-watched clip in YouTube history: Gangnam Style by South Korean musician Psy.

Here’s the Salesians letting their habits down and having some fun via the Patheos blog. Enjoy.

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