Humour mixed with truth

Catholics are sometimes accused of not being able to laugh at ourselves. I think it’s an unfair accusation.

In conjunction with the Pope’s launch of his new Twitter account, renowned satirical news website The Onion decided to have a bit of fun with it, saying it was part of a wider effort to engage with young people. Another major plank of the initiative was to stop going to Church and considering himself more “spiritual” than “religious”.

The Onion often mixes humour with a large dose of truth, and while the Pope’s obviously not doing any such thing, it does point to some of the comments and actions of young Catholics who sometimes drift away from the Church, especially when they’re in their late teens and starting to make decisions for themselves.

The First Things blog reposted the brief video here, complete with fabricated “quotes” from a prominent bishop and the reaction of a younger Catholic. Enjoy.

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