So, who’s coming to Canberra?

The honest answer to that question is “I wouldn’t have a clue.” But that’s not going to stop me pontificating — get it? — on who might be the next Archbishop of Canberra-Goulburn. And though others don’t really have a clue either, they’re also weighing in.

In the Canberra Times this morning, a few names were floated. The included the Vicar General Msgr John Woods, who I’m pretty sure was born in New Zealand; Msgr David Cappo, something of a celebrity priest in Adelaide archdiocese; Fr Brian Lucas, the secretary of the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference; and even Archbishop Philip Wilson of Adelaide, the current president of the ACBC.

None of the men I mentioned a couple of nights ago when Archbishop Mark Coleridge’s move to Brisbane was announced are named in the story: Bishop Anthony Fisher of Parramatta, Bishop Michael Putney of Townsville and Auxiliary Bishop Peter Elliott of Melbourne.

But back to the men the Canberra Times did mention. Kate over at Australia Incognita has given her verdict on Msgr Woods, Msgr Cappo and Fr Woods, and it’s not a pleasant one if you’re expecting them to move from the presbyterate up to the episcopacy.

She was also kind enough to swat away a few other names she’d heard floating around the place, but it was really a list of who we in Canberra don’t want, so she didn’t make a prediction on who actually might be given the keys to Archbishop’s House near the shore of Lake Burley Griffin.

I’m sure Kate and I will continue to discuss this issue as rumours swirl. I recommend you add her blog to your reading list, especially if you’re interested in the Church in Australia. She has done a number of posts on the state of the Church in a diocese by diocese analysis, and some of it doesn’t make for pretty reading. She’s a no-nonsense, orthodox Catholic, though, so you know what you’re going to get from here from a theological perspective.

Unlike me, of course :D

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One Response to So, who’s coming to Canberra?

  1. Thank you for this recommendation Gavin!