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The right to sue

Now, the whole law-suit culture in the United States is obviously a joke. “My coffee was too hot.” “I slipped on the floor because it was too shiny.” “I didn’t know fireworks could set my house on fire.” Well, more accurately, the law-suit culture in the US can be a joke, especially when used in frivolous cases like the ones above. However, if ever there was a case for someone to sue someone, this might be it. A Colorado woman … Continue reading

The Holy Innocents

Today is the Feast of the Holy Innocents in the Catholic Church. It has been marked in the Church’s calendar since the 6th century to remember the male babies who were murdered by order of Herod as he tried to have Jesus killed. It has become a day to remember all children who have died, regardless of the circumstances, but especially to commemorate children who never had a chance to be born because of abortion. In New Zealand, there are … Continue reading