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Feliz Navidad

Hello all, and a very Happy Christmas to you. I’m surrounded by my family today as we mark Christmas, and it’s such a wonderful atmosphere. The stresses of life somehow seem far away and the spirit of love and sharing abound. I hope and pray you are all having an equally blessed day. Oh, and don’t forget we still have to go to Mass tonight or tomorrow as well to fulfil our Sunday obligation.

A Kiwi Nativity story

In Christian churches throughout the world, Nativity plays are being performed to re-create the story of the first Christmas. At a church in Auckland, they’ve brought the concept into the 21st century, creating a YouTube clip that has been viewed by more than 33,000 people as of this evening. By New Zealand standards, that’s a pretty good effort. It is very Kiwi, which is great, and it’s a lot of fun. Watch the St Paul’s version of The Christmas Story┬áhere