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Confession by text message

OK, so it’s not quite Confession by text message, but a couple of brothers in the US, with the help of a friend of theirs, have developed an application — or app, as the kids call them — to assist owners of iPhones, iPads and iPod Touches in making a good confession. Catholic News Service picks up the story: SOUTH BEND, Ind. (CNS) — Can modern technology help strengthen our faith? Some techno-savvy Catholics from South Bend think so. In … Continue reading

Sour apple

Well, it seems that even a commercial giant like Apple gets a little nervous when pressure is put on them by some powerful minority groups. Last year, a group of religious leaders of various Christian denominations and other faiths drafted and endorsed the Manhattan Declaration. In summary, the declaration seeks to speak out in favour of the right to life, in defence of traditional marriage and for religious liberty. Seems reasonable enough, right? Well, not according to some people. In … Continue reading