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Defend — and don’t attack

I’m not sure if Pope Benedict is much of a sports fan. I know he’s a lover of music and literature, but sports? Maybe not so much. If he is a sports fan, some advice he gave last week might suggest he is a supporter of the English or South African rugby teams, which like to defend but are often a bit reluctant to attack. Not a great analogy, maybe, but the Holy Father this week told Catholics that they … Continue reading

We’ve only just beguuuun

Over at Being Frank, my second-favourite Catholic blog in the world, Kereopa has posed a series of interesting questions on the papacy of Pope Benedict. Having succeeded one of the most popular Popes of all time, has Benedict done enough to out live PJP II’s shadow? Is that even the point? Is it even right to judge the pontiff on his papal performance? Those provide some food for thought. Unfortunately, a resident commenter over there has hijacked the thread and … Continue reading