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Defend — and don’t attack

I’m not sure if Pope Benedict is much of a sports fan. I know he’s a lover of music and literature, but sports? Maybe not so much. If he is a sports fan, some advice he gave last week might suggest he is a supporter of the English or South African rugby teams, which like to defend but are often a bit reluctant to attack. Not a great analogy, maybe, but the Holy Father this week told Catholics that they … Continue reading

Not-so-happy New Year

Well, it didn’t take long forĀ Islamic extremists to make their mark in 2011, with a fatal bomb blast outside a Coptic Christian Church in Egypt prompting Pope Benedict to call for religious tolerance. Again. This from a report by the Associated Press The explosion outside a Coptic Christian church in Alexandria on Saturday killed at least 21 people, and sparked clashes between Egyptian police and Christians furious at the apparent suicide bombing – the worst violence against the country’s Christian … Continue reading

Some truths about the Church and HIV/Aids

Unless you’ve been under a rock for the past couple of weeks, you would have heard something about Pope Benedict and condoms. Without going over the whole discussion again, I’ll direct you to a couple of links that I think well summarise what this story was all about. John L. Allen, the highly regarded Church columnistĀ from the not highly regarded (by me anyway) National Catholic Reporter And Jimmy Akin, blogger for the National Catholic Register The two NCRs in a … Continue reading